Had a busy one yesterday, but nothing got done on the place. Decided Jen and I needed to take a break and go mother’s day shopping, so by the time we got Hannah fed and ready to roll and we got some shopping done, it was noon. Stopped at the Main Street Grill in Huron for some lunch with the girls and promptly got a call from Lizzy asking me how fast I could get to Paul’s to show the house. So off I went and got it opened up and Chase on his lead. Took a walk and just happened to meet our good buddy Carla Schriener walking her dog. Had a good visit and used up the time I needed to let the people see the house. I had about an hour break, and then it was back to baby-siting Hannah till about 7. Whew!

I’m not allowed to be in the house or talk about it when a real estate agent is showing it. If it was another party wanting to leave agents out of it, I could. Lots of odd real estate rules, but with half of Lizzy’s company being real estate she has inside info. Her head real estate guy is who’s been helping on the buy in Huron is skipping any commission as a favor so no issues there. He even negotiated another 1,500 off yesterday for some fixes needed that we found in the inspection. Gonna try the no realtor thing for a month and then go ahead and have her co-worker take over and do it officially but still at a big cut in fees. The new buy is not tied to the sale of the old house so no worries on how fast they sell it.

Heck, now you have a new career making sure Avon can keep calling around the neighborhood!! Glad the install was fast and easy. Hope Daniel’s car issues smooth out soon. No fun dealing with insurance fixes even when they are glitch free!

I think a more appropriate SNL bit rather than the church lady to reference our fearless leader to, would be the Jon Lovitz "Pathological Liar" character. " yeah, that’s the ticket"!!!! I’m sure the vice president, the assistant attorney general, and the press secretary would concur, especially with the tracks of the bus they got thrown under freshly on their backs. Funny, but lying seemed to be a big issue with the GOP when Hillary was still in the running. Amazing now as it suddenly isn’t a problem with with Trump.

We look to be getting dry and warmer here again this next week. I’ll need to step up my game and get some more prep work done as we march closer to weekly openings. We have seasonals starting this weekend so it should be a busy one. I’m gonna get a run in and then back to it. You have a great Friday and don’t forget to GET DOWN DAMMIT!!!


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